Bradley has adopted a new tool called Examity that performs virtual proctoring of online exams.

Examity serves three functions: authenticating students taking exams, ensuring exam integrity, and providing live support to students during the exam. Examity integrates with Sakai and serves as a "wrapper," of sorts. Faculty use it to schedule the exam date and time as well as any other criteria for test-taking. Students use Examity to schedule the time they want to take their exam (within the window established by their professor). Examity uses computer webcams, microphones, and speakers to remotely proctor students taking exams. Students pay a fee for proctoring when they schedule an exam.

Instructor training and support is available directly from Examity. Contact Graham Jones to schedule training. He can be reached at (617) 612-4137 and/or at gjones@examity.com.

Examity provides 24/7 technical support for the proctoring system available at (855) 392-6489 and also at support@examity.com. This support can be particularly helpful for students who encounter technical problems during proctored exam sessions, when every minute counts.

To use Examity, a faculty member will need to do the following before the course starts:

  1. Plan your proctored exam schedule for the upcoming academic term.
  2. Make students aware that online proctoring will be used and that students must pay for proctoring. The cost is $15/student for the first hour plus $7 for each additional hour, if the exam is longer than one hour. (See the attached syllabus guide for sample language.) If possible, this information should be included in the course information available to students at the time they register for the course.
  3. Review the Sakai Instructor Quick Guide document, add the Examity tool button to your Sakai course site, and contact Graham Jones at Examity to schedule your exams. You will need to provide Examity with your Sakai course IDs and exam dates

At least 1-2 weeks in advance of the test date the faculty member should:

  1. Add Examity button to Sakai.
  2. Have the test ready in Sakai (Tests & Quizzes).
  3. Schedule the exam with Examity.
  4. Make students aware they need to set up their profile in Examity and run a system check on their computers and Internet connections.
  5. Have students schedule and pay for their exam proctoring (students pay an extra fee if they try to schedule an exam less than 24-hours before the test taking window opens).

Email sakai@fsmail.bradley.edu if you have questions.

Refer to the following faculty and student guides to become familiar with Examity: