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August 22, 2018

The Hilltop buzzed with Welcome Week activity as students moved back to campus in preparation for the 2018-2019 academic year. Students enjoyed events such as Taste of Bradley, Late Night BU, Taste of Bradley and the annual block party. Here are a few fun facts about the 1,100 members of the Class of 2022:

  • It’s the second-most ethnically diverse class in Bradley, trailing only last year’s class.
  • First generation college students make up one quarter of the class.
  • Students come from 17 countries
  • Longest flights: Students from Kinshasa, Congo, and Yangon, Myanmar, are 8,800 miles from home.
  • 136 followed their grandparents, parents or siblings to Bradley.

According to Beloit College’s annual Mindset List, the Class of 2022 grew up in a world in which:

  • They are the first class born in the new millennium, escaping the dreaded label of “Millennial,” though their new designation—iGen, GenZ, etc. — has not yet been agreed upon by them.
  • They have always been able to refer to Wikipedia.
  • They’ve grown up with stories about where their grandparents were on 11/22/63 and where their parents were on 9/11.
  • There has never been an Enron.
  • King Friday the 13th and Lady Elaine Fairchild have always dwelled in the Neighborhood, but only in re-runs.