Violent Incident

Violent incidents including but not limited to acts of terrorism, assaults, and incidents of workplace violence can occur on the University campus with little or no warning. It should be noted that the following instructions are intended for incidents that are of an emergency nature (i.e., imminent or having just occurred).


  • If the event is taking place elsewhere in the building, lock door and move students or staff members out of line of view of the door.
  • Emergency situations should be reported to law enforcement by dialing 911.
  • When 911 is dialed, the Peoria City Police Department will receive the call and contact the BU Police Department if the incident is located on University property.
  • The 911 call will also appear on a computer screen in the DPS dispatch center.
  • When you dial 911, be prepared to provide as much information as possible, such as the following:
    1. What is happening.
    2. The location.
    3. Who is involved.
    4. Type of weapon(s) involved, if any.
    5. Your name and address.
  • Taking the time to provide such information will not delay law enforcement response. Complete information may allow them to handle the matter more effectively.

Bradley has self-defense-training programs available for interested faculty, staff, and students. For information on women’s self defense training, contact Bradley Police at 677-2000. For information on martial arts training/classes, contact the Campus Recreation Department at 677-2677.