Geisert Hall

911 N. Duryea Pl. Peoria, IL 61606

Geisert sits atop the Hilltop's peak, making its top floor one of the tallest points in the Peoria area. One of the campus' cafeterias is in the basement. Geisert houses a mix of first-year and upperclass students. It is co-ed by floor, with 385 students calling it home each year.

Floor Plan

Geisert Hall Floor Plan

Room Details


  • Window: 48" h x 30" w
  • Desk: 29" h x 24" d x 96" w
  • Door: 85" h x 30" w
  • Closet: 77" h x 45" w x 22" d
  • Loft: 58" h
  • Height Under Loft: 72.5"
  • Futon Size: 70" w

The following rooms in Geisert are configured slightly differently: