African-American Studies Courses

AAS 200 - Introduction to African-American Studies (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. CD
Core Curr. GP WC,MI
Provides students with an introduction to the study of African American cultures and the relationship of those cultures to the broader African diaspora. Often organized around a particular theme, AAS 200 is an explicitly interdisciplinary course designed to familiarize students with the scope, concerns, and methods of African American Studies rather than a chronological survey of African American history.

AAS 400 - Directed Research in African-American Studies (3 hours)
Directed readings or research for a paper which analyzes, synthesizes, and interprets an area of African-American studies. Prerequisite: AAS 200; 9 hrs. of African-American studies elective courses; or consent of instructor.

AAS 401 - Community Engagement in African American Studies (3 hours)
Provides the community engagement capstone experience for completion of the AAS minor. Involves an internship, service learning, or other semester long community engagement project approved by the African American Studies Committee. Prerequisite: