EHS Courses

EHS 120 - The University Experience (1 hour)
Assists new students to adjust to the university environment, through gaining or developing an appreciation for higher education and the value of a Bradley University education. Pass/Fail.

EHS 300 - Professionalism Across Cultures (1-3 hours)
Awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity, whether resulting from cultural, disciplinary, linguistic, or geographical differences. Emphasis on the professionals' roles of communicating effectively with colleagues across disciplines and cultures.

EHS 301 - Cooperative Education Or Internship in EHS (0-9 hours)
Core Curr. EL
Cooperative education or internship experience. May be repeated to a combined total of 9 credit hours. Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing in the College of Education and Health Sciences, 2.0 Bradley overall grade point average and EHS cumulative grade point average, consent of EHS Co-op and Internship coordinator and Co-op and Internship faculty advisor.

EHS 305 - Study Abroad Seminar (1 hour)
Study of the cultural and historical contexts of study abroad site. Prerequisite: registration for study abroad interim session.