Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership

The master’s degree in nonprofit leadership is a 36 credit-hour program that cultivates your skills to lead community and social service agencies, colleges and universities, health care facilities, faith-based organizations, charities and philanthropic foundations.

Taking Your Future Forward

What makes Bradley the right choice? As a Bradley graduate student, you’ll be working through strategic planning, financial leadership, personnel development, fundraising and grant writing. With classes scheduled online and hands-on training in the field, you’ll walk away with a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio. Plus, if you work full-time for a nonprofit organization, you may be eligible for a 30% scholarship. You can also finish in as little as 16 months!

Graduate Admission Requirements

Learn more about graduate admission standards and application requirements on our Requirements page.

Graduate Program Requirements

Term 1

  • NPL 605: Legal and Social Change - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 610: Survey in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 604: Nonprofit Communication,Marketing,Digital Media

Term 2

  • NPL 583: Supervision and Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 581 a: Topics in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 582: Grant Writing in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.

Term 3

  • NPL 673: Leadership Perspectives - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 580: Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • FCS 541: Research methods

Term 4

  • NPL 612: Institutional Planning and Evaluation - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 581 b: Topics in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 686: Field Experience in Administration - 3 hrs.