Management Information Systems - Cybersecurity Concentration

The concentration in cybersecurity equips you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to defend organizations from current and future threats to information assurance.

Preparing You For Success

MIS blends business knowledge with information systems tools. This background equips you to use technology to solve business-related issues. The concentration in cybersecurity gives you hands-on experience with both the technical and behavioral aspects of information assurance. Courses give you a foundation in skills needed to manage the security of information systems and those who interact with them. To complete the degree, you participate in a semester-long consulting project for a local business or nonprofit organization. In addition, the concentration in cybersecurity includes performing a security assessment for a local business.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Professional development and networking through the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
  • Internships across the country
  • Performing penetration testing at a local business

Making Your Mark

MIS majors are in demand for some of the nation’s fastest growing careers in cybersecurity, such as cybersecurity analyst, ethical hacker, and network security administrator. In recent years, all Bradley graduates found jobs or continued to graduate school within six months of graduation. They are working for companies such as Accenture, Kellogg, Discover, Edward Jones and State Farm Insurance.

Concentration Requirements

Required Courses - 19 hrs.

  • MIS 272: Business Analytics Software and Applications I - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 276: Ecommerce Strategy and Applications - 3 hrs
  • CS 101: Introduction to Programming - 4 hrs
  • CS 102: Data Structures - 3 hrs
  • MIS 375: Business Systems Analysis and Design - 3 hrs
  • MIS 478: MIS Capstone Consulting Project - 3 hrs

Elective Courses (choose three) - 9 hrs.

  • MIS 373: Applied Networking Theory - 3 hrs
  • MIS 379: Information Systems Security - 3 hrs
  • MIS 383: Advanced Ethical Hacking - 3 hrs
  • Course approved by the Department Chair - 3 hrs

Students must also complete Foster College's business core.