The Bradley SFI 360 Experience

Areas of Focus

Writing Focus

(Oratory, SOS, INFO)

Students will have the opportunity to work with college coaches and faculty to enhance their writing. Students will walk away with a variety of tips and tools for crafting speeches, papers and creative works. The first week is dedicated strictly to content with the second week offering delivery practice as well. All major public address high school speech events are covered plus additional resources and techniques for cover letter & essay writing, creative and humorous writing, narrative storytelling and more.

Performance Focus

(Prose, HI, Poetry, POI, DUO, DI)

Students will learn performance strategies from college coaches with speech and acting accolades. The curriculum offers an in-depth process of building realistic and compelling characters for the stage or speech. The first week focuses on script selection and cutting, character building & mapping, along with blocking and choreography. The second week focuses on emotional subtext, authenticity and polishing performances through practice. All high school interpretative speech events are covered along with additional training in stage presence, choreography & blocking, and more.

Research Focus

(EXT, IMP, Radio)

Students will learn educational and winning strategies for researching topics in the digital age from college-level instructors. Our curriculum also provides an overview of major domestic and international topics ranging from politics and the economy, to policy issues impacting marginalized communities. Students will leave camp feeling confident in researching any topic and organizing and presenting information. The first week focuses on knowledge building and research strategies. The second week students apply lessons to a specific topic of their choosing, along with delivery coaching. All high school limited prep events are covered along with additional instruction for research paper writing, persuasion & argumentation, and more.

Watch for upcoming details for our 2023 Summer Forensic Camp

General Day structure:

Morning: pre-recorded lectures and individualized homework assignments for offline learning through Canvas.

Afternoon: group activities, two-on-one focused coaching, interactive discussion and learning via Zoom.

Evening (optional): Second event coaching and construction period. A combination of lectures, activities and individualized coaching through Canvas and Zoom.