Mission and Values Statement

We affirm the centrality of an engaged education in the liberal arts and sciences to the mission of Bradley University and to an open, vibrant society. We are a community that seeks insight into the self, society, and the natural world with courage, humility, and open minds and hearts. We empower students to be capable, imaginative, responsible, and compassionate individuals who embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century.

We cultivate in ourselves and foster in others:

  • advanced analytical, computational, and communication skills
  • historically informed and comparative insights into diverse societies
  • in-depth understanding of the natural world through scientific methods
  • habits and methods of ethical thinking applied across disciplines and life experiences
  • reflective approaches to the human condition in all its complexity
  • intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm to enable lifelong learning
  • knowledgeable and engaged citizenship across communities from the local to the global
  • steadfast commitment to the democratic ideals of freedom, justice, civility, and equality

Adopted unanimously by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty and Administration on April 20, 2018.