Relationship-Building the Key to a Decatur Company

Decatur is a town rich in history, and The Micar Company (Micar) is a company continuing the tradition of proud, family-owned businesses in central Illinois. Micar has provided structural fabrication, construction, metal preservation, industrial painting, and various other services in Decatur since 1987.

Their original location was located on 22ND Ave but thanks to continued growth they relocated to a larger facility on Country Club Rd in 2018.  Since the early 90’s Micar has also operated a second location on Reas Bridge Rd which provides media blasting, paint, and metal preservation. From dry ice to limestone, Micar is able to blast any form of media currently available. They also offer portable and on-site laser blasting, a highly effective and environmentally friendly method used as a safe alternative to conventional methods.  Precision Profilometers can perform profile, roughness, and flatness measurements over a large area instantaneously, all without scratching or damaging the part. In late 2021 Micar expanded its paint department once again. They now offer powder coating to complement their impressive wet paint department.  They also provide world-class corrosion prevention, rust protection and de-rusting solutions. They are industry experts at wrapping and protecting surface critical parts or equipment that may be left outside in the harsh elements and wont’ be used for some time.

Most of Micar’s fabrication takes place on Country Club Rd which  also serves as the corporate headquarters. Inside the building there is an impressive array of equipment, including a  5' x 10′ high definition 260 amp plasma burn table capable of burning 8'' plate, multiple break presses, saws, and plate rolling machines just to name a few. The building also has a high bay complete with two 50’ ton capacity cranes for an impressive 100 tons of lifting capacity. Complementing both facilities is a logistics division and fleet of trucks ready to meet tight delivery deadlines and JIT (Just in Time) orders.

Helping to support local business Micar was very involved in the build out of the new Rivian plant in Normal, Illinois providing numerous structural fabrications as well as onsite paint work.

Much of Micar’s success is their ability to build relationships with key vendors and customers alike and is a major focal point of every employee.  As Project Manager Scott Millman pointed out, customer satisfaction is what Micar is all about.

“We are about our customers’ success, and in order to maintain those relationships, you need to do whatever it takes in order to guarantee that their needs are being met”, said Millman.

Millman went on to explain how important customer satisfaction is to Micar, and that customer success is our success. “We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations”

As with any business over the past year and a half or so, COVID-19 and its implications has been a constant issue. However, being deemed an essential service, Micar did not shut down and have held strong in the midst of the pandemic. Millman highlighted the meticulous nature of the company.

“We have remained diligent in terms of staffing, and we are blessed to have people with a lot of experience who stepped up and filled roles they were not accustomed to”, said Millman.

Bradley University has provided Micar significant assistance, particularly the Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).  Millman explained that the Illinois Manufacturing Association (IMA) has been a valuable resource in terms of getting connected with Bradley, and that PTAC has been a huge help with government contracting.

Business expansion is always a topic of conversation, and Millman discussed company President Dan Cantrell’s consistent pursuit of opportunities for growth. This includes both physical growth, adding additional buildings and increasing capacity or adapting to do business across different industries.

“The sky is the limit, as I certainly see down the road adding additional buildings, equipment and jobs”, said Millman. “We continue to expand into new markets and are extremely excited about our future growth”.

Overall, Micar continues to be a shining example of a successful business with unlimited capabilities and a strong commitment to building and maintaining relationships with customers and fellow businesses. With continued support from Bradley’s PTAC and their continued ideas for growth, there is no telling what is next for The Micar Company.

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