Edward Bond

Edward Bond

Professor of Marketing and Director, Supply Chain Institute

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4128
    (309) 677-2280


Ph D, Arizona State University
MA, University of Northern Colorado
AB, Manhattan Christian College


A member of BU’s marketing faculty since 1997, Dr. Bond served as Department Chair from 2007 to 2020. During that time the department represented 25% of Foster College undergraduate enrollment and launched concentrations in Social Media Marketing and Global Supply Chain Management. Ed teaches the core marketing classes in the Foster College’s EMBA and MBA programs as well as Management of Technology and Interactive Media for EMBA students and Product and Price Strategy for undergraduates.

Ed directs the newly formed Supply Chain Institute at Bradley University. In fall 2020 SCI-BU’s first project was to partner with a Fortune 100 firm to form the Global Supply Chain Analytics Lab. Four BU students tackled a real-world supply chain analytics challenge under the direction of a data scientist from the firm. Their performance was excellent and the company plans to continue investing in future iterations of “the lab.”

Dr. Bond was a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge in 2004 and the Flint Hills Resources Visiting Professor of Marketing at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 2009. A two-time Caterpillar Inc. Research Fellow (1999-2000, 2018-2019), Dr. Bond was awarded the Foster College of Business Midwest Grain Products Teaching Award (2001) and the National Council of Advisors Scholarship Award (2005). Ed was the first recipient of the Foster College of Business' MGP Products, Inc. Leadership Award (2007). In 2008, Dr. Bond was accorded the once-in-a-lifetime honor of being a guest of the Blue Angels for a 40-minute VIP demonstration flight in a high-performance F/A-18.


Professor Bond believes that students should have a sense of both discovery and contribution as they learn. He thinks that when students complete a course, “They should be able to do something they could not have done without that class.”

Courses Currently Teaching

  • MTG 360 Product and Price Strategy (Undergraduate)
  • MTG 490 Managerial Marketing (Undergraduate)
  • MTG 624 Marketing Decision Making (MBA)
  • BUS 627 Managing Technology (EMBA)
  • BUS 633 Customer Satisfaction (EMBA)
  • BUS 658 Interactive Media (EMBA)


Dr. Bond’s research centers on drivers of performance for innovation professionals, management of complex B2B customer solutions, marketing’s role in strategy formulation, and customer satisfaction in medicine. His published works can be explored on his Google Scholar page:  http://bit.ly/EdBondGoogleScholar.

Recently, Ed worked as part of a global team to outline challenges to B2B solutions from the global pandemic and promising research avenues aligning with those challenges: http://bit.ly/FutureofB2BCustomerSolutionsJSR.

Dr. Bond’s current projects address:

  • Existing knowledge and future research directions related to complex B2B customer solutions with Mark Houston (TCU) and Wolfgang Ulaga (INSEAD)
  • The surprising (and inconsistent with marketing textbooks) sophistication of marketing programs in the early 20th Century with Bradley University professors Ross Fink and Mark Brown
  • The impact of social network structure on individual innovator effectiveness with Mark Houston (TCU) and Cinthia Satornino (UConn)


Besides directing SCI-BU, Ed serves on the Business-Engineering Convergence Committee, the University Senate, and the EMBA Implementation Committee. He reviews for a variety of academic journals.

Dr. Bond is a member of the American Marketing Association, the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Product Development and Management Association.