Mollie Adams

Mollie Adams

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Accounting

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 2167
    (309) 677-2284


Ph. D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.B.A., Missouri State University
B.S., Missouri State University


Mollie Adams joined the Bradley faculty in 2010. Dr. Adams is a CPA and has worked in public accounting in the areas of tax and audit as well as in private industry.


Dr. Adams’ teaching interests are in the areas of financial accounting and taxation. She currently teaches ATG 302 Intermediate Accounting II, and ATG 601 Financial Accounting Theory.

Teaching Awards

Teaching Innovation Award, Awarded by the American Taxation Association for “The Not so Pokey Hokies” with Kerry Inger and Michele Meckfessel - 2017


Dr. Adams' research interests include tax compliance and other practical tax and accounting issues. Her work has appeared in practical journals such as the Journal of Accountancy.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in the Last Five Years

Adams, M. T., Inger, K. K., Meckfessel, M. D. (2020). Meeting the Demands of the Accounting Curriculum: An Integrated Approach using a Tax Research Case Assignment. Advances in Accounting Education, 24.

Adams, M. T., Meckfessel, M. D. (2021 ). Are All Non-GAAP Disclosures Created Equal? Business Horizons, 64(1 ).

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Adams, M. T., Bailey, W., and Petravick, G. (2017). Your Client Has Been RIFFED. Now What? The Practical Lawyer

Adams, M. T., and Bhandari, S. (2017). On the Definition, Measurement, and Use of the Free Cash Flow Concept in Financial Reporting and Analysis: A Review and Recommendations. Journal of Accounting and Finance, 17(1).


Adams, M. T. (Presenter & Author), Bailey, W. (Presenter and Author), Midyear Meeting - JL TR Conference, "Emerging Cryptocurrencies: Striking the Proper Balance between IRS Audit Authority and Taxpayer Rights to Privacy", American Taxation Association, Fort Worth, TX. (February, 2020).

Adams, M. T. (Author Only), Inger, K. K. (Author Only), Meckfessel, M. D. (Presenter and Author), Midyear Meeting - JL TR Conference, "Reasonable Compensation: Circuit Court Differences Create Confusion and Inconsistency", American Taxation Association, Fort Worth, TX. (February, 2020).

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Dr. Adams serves on many committees for the Department of Accounting, Foster College of Business and university as a whole.