Eligibility Criteria and Restrictions for Internal Grant Programs

Faculty Scholarship Awards (FSA) and Student Engagement Awards (SEA)

  • All full-time Bradley University employees are eligible for SEA, as long as there is a Scholarly component to the project that would allow the students to present their findings at the Student Scholarship Expo.
  • Only full-time faculty may apply for FSA
  • Individuals cannot submit proposals to both the SEA and FSA programs in any given competition cycle. (This includes both PIs/PDs and Co-PIs/Co-PDs.)
  • No PI/PD or Co-PI/Co-PD may have more than two active internal OSP awards (SEA or FSA) at any given time. If a PI/PD or Co-PI/Co-PD has two active awards, one account must be closed and the necessary reports filed before they are eligible to apply for another.
  • The earliest that a SEA or FSA grants recipient can apply for additional funds from the same program is 18 months after an award’s start date.
  • Before previous award recipients are eligible to apply for subsequent funding in a given program, they must close their award account and submit a final report describing the outcomes for the project.
  • Funds from SEA and FSA grants will be available to the recipient(s) for up to 18 months after the agreed upon start date for the project.
  • The purpose of funding is to provide resources for Bradley employees to complete scholarly and creative work within the award period. The funding cannot be used to replenish departmental or a unit supplies, and the majority of the funds must be spent before the final months of the project.
  • Additional requirement for ALL requests for Student Support (FSA and SEA Programs):
    • Only students who are current full-time degree-seeking students at Bradley University can be supported by funding from OSP. Recent graduates, non-degree-seeking students, students from other Colleges or Universities, etc. are not eligible.
    • Award recipients are responsible for ensuring that students engaged in OSP-supported projects present their findings at the annual Student Scholarship Expo. For projects proposing service/outreach activities, the projects must have a scholarly component that would permit it to be presented at the Student Scholarship Expo.
    • Funding from OSP awards may be used during a sabbatical leave. However, grants that include student support can only be used during a sabbatical if student engagement is one of objectives of the approved sabbatical leave project. The Chair/unit leader’s letter must address this issue or the proposal will not be considered.

Student Travel Awards (STA)

  • Only current full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students at Bradley University may apply. Graduating students may apply as long as their travel will take place prior to graduation.
  • Funds can only be used for student travel expenses for students to present, perform, or exhibit their work at a peer-reviewed/refereed/juried conference, event, or professional meeting (not just attend).
  • Students may not receive STA funding more than once in a given academic year, and preference will be given to first-time applicants to ensure that more students benefit from the opportunity to present/exhibit their work.
  • Recipients of awards must present or exhibit their work at the annual Bradley Student Scholarship Expo within one year of their travel dates. (The work may be presented at an EXPO prior to travel, if appropriate).
  • Multiple participants for a single project, may submit one application as long as: (1) all students in the group are presenting, exhibiting, or performing, and (2) funds requested do not exceed $500 per student.
  • Departments/Colleges/Units are required to provide at least a 1:1 match to support the student’s travel. Only funding for expenses that are allowed by this program can be used as the match. (For clarification, coverage of non-allowable costs such as membership fees, food, etc. cannot count toward the cost-match obligation).
  • Evidence of acceptance to present, perform, or exhibit work at the event must be provided with the application (i.e., confirmation e-mail or letter, URL for or copy of publication that lists the name(s) of the student presenter(s)).
  • A Bradley faculty/staff mentor must endorse the student’s application and accept oversight of the student travel grant if awarded. The mentor will receive the award on behalf of the students, and will sign an award agreement with the student(s) accordingly.
  • Funds are limited; therefore, it is unlikely that all requests will be funded during a given academic year.