University Identity Standards

Bradley University logo system

News & Updates

  • PowerPoint Templates Now Available
    Two PowerPoint templates branded with the new university logo are available for download and use by the university community.
  • University Logo Follow-up
    The new university logo system already is appearing on Bradley’s electronic presence, and many of you have begun implementing it across your departments and divisions, as well. Here are some helpful tips from the University's Office of Marketing and Communications to assist you with proper implementation.

Welcome to Bradley University’s Identity Standards website. On these pages, you will find specific guidelines for the correct application of our institution’s brand, including our new logo system and related graphic elements.

The consistent use of these guidelines will help increase brand awareness and establish a strong presence in the marketplace for the university among both internal and external audiences. The visual images, when correctly applied, will support the verbal articulation of Bradley’s brand.

Each of us in the Bradley family is integral to maintaining brand integrity through adhering to the standards contained herein. Bradley’s colleges, graduate school, departments, programs, institutes, centers, administrative offices and other units, together, are responsible for ensuring brand integrity through university communications across multiple platforms, including Web, print, display and broadcast.

When we all work together to present a unified brand, we all benefit.

Launch and Compliance Expectations

The university’s new identity system was launched on April 6, 2016. While it is important for all materials containing the university’s brand to reflect this update, there is some flexibility in its implementation.

Any materials produced after the launch should use and adhere to the new identity standards; however, campus units may elect to deplete any existing supplies of pre-printed materials before ordering replacements with the new logo to avoid unnecessary waste or spending.

Website Overview

  • Licensing
    Information on how to produce merchandise bearing the university’s name and/or logo.
  • Graphic Identity
    Details on the university’s visual representation, including the logo downloads, logo system, color palette and font options.
  • Stationery
    Overview of how the university’s image is portrayed on business cards, letterhead and envelopes, as well as ordering information.
  • Editorial Guidelines
    List of the preferred style used for all university communications.
  • Website Guidelines
    Instructions for working with the university website.
  • Social Media Guidelines
    Extensive reference to assist campus social media practitioners and inform individuals who may be considering starting a university-affiliated social media account.
  • Other Marks
    Standards applicable to using the university seal, tartan and athletics brand.
  • PowerPoint Templates
    University-branded PowerPoint templates for use by the general campus community.
  • News
    List of new or updated guidelines, resources or other helpful identity information.