Meet the Teams

The Bradley Fund Phone A Thon program hires Bradley students to raise money for the University. We phone alumni, parents and friends of Bradley and update their contact information, tell them what’s happening on campus, and secure gifts for the University.

The Bradley Fund Phone a Thon is one large family! The student callers are led by the Bradley Fund Intern team. The BFund calling room has been described as the best job on campus! We emphasize team work and goal setting. It’s great to be able to reach alumni and talk about their lives and their experiences at Bradley.

You are always welcome to drop in and see how things are going in the Bradley Fund Phone room!

Student Managers

Student Managers

Student Managers: (from left to right) Elisabeth Canum, Alex Cipriani, Julia Caesarr

Team Burger King

Team Dumbledore's Army

Team Burger King: (from left to right) Meghan Anderson, Vanessa Renteria, Anjelica Velazquez, Karina Prado, Corrine Jezowit, Sara Koronkowski, Olivia Miller

“I love the Bradley Fund because we to get keep up with our alumni while hearing many stories about Bradley’s past.”

Anjelica Velazquez, Team Leader

Team Taco Bell

Team Taco Bell

Team Taco Bell: (from left to right) Madison Rodatz, Emily Storey, Sarah Heiger, Luke Terranova, Angelina Longo

“The Bradley Fund is allowing me to practice what I’m majoring in while also letting me learn more about the school I love.”

Sarah Heiger, Team Leader

Team Subway

Team Subway

Team Subway: (from left to right) Chasean Brown, Ronan Khalsa, Kyla Gersten, Jessica Tejada, Vanessa Aguirre, Sara Fiedler, Madeline Pearce

“The Bradley Fund has allowed me to learn so much about Bradley’s past while enhancing my communication skills.”

Kyla Gersten, Team Leader

Team Chick-Fil-A

Team Chick-Fil-A

Team Chick-Fil-A: (from left to right) Antonio Duca, Grace Myers, Katie Folan, Adeline Swartz, Jen Quizhpi, Soren Umali, Alejando Mendoza

“Working for the Bradley Fund allows me to not only see the impact our alumni have on our students and campus, but also be a part of it.”

Katie Folan, Team Leader

Team Moes

Team Moes

Team Moes: (from left to right) Daniel Zawadzki, Hannah Hentrich, Thomas Locascio, Nate Gibson, Hailey Mason

“The Bradley Fund quickly grew to be something I’m passionate about, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to develops skills while helping the university.”

Nate Gibson, Team Leader

Team McDonalds

Team Deatheaters

Team McDonalds: (from left to right) Stephanie Stanislawski, Emma Zmuda, Connor O’Brien, Meghan Eggers, Jocelyn Rodriguez, Ana Velazquez

“I enjoy getting to meet people from different majors at Bradley and hearing funny stories that the alumni have to share about their experiences here.”