Residential Living

General Expectations For Residential Living

There are both responsibilities and obligations students must adhere to and support to live harmoniously within the residence hall community. Carefully read the Residence Hall Agreement, the Bradley University Standards of Conduct, and the basic understandings laid out on this website; they are your responsibility to know and understand as they detail the basic expectations of students at Bradley University. You must be enrolled, this includes paying your bills, at Bradley to live within the residence halls. Along with your responsibilities, there are a variety of rights and services you will receive within the residence halls, outlined on this website. If any of these rights or services are not provided, we encourage you to work with the appropriate hall staff member to rectify any situation. By paying your residence activity fee, $40 per year, you will have the opportunity to coordinate and participate in any number of activities throughout the year within your community. Living in the Residence Hall community can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college life. We look forward to working with you to make it a success.


Residence Hall Councils

Each hall has a governing Council consisting of representatives from that specific hall acting as an executive council. Any resident can run for these elected positions. Elections will be held within one month of the start of the academic year. The council is responsible for planning hall activities and for suggesting any changes in policy. They also handle resident suggestions for hall improvements. Hall Council meetings are open to all residents: bring your ideas, problems, or suggestions. The Hall Council exists entirely for your benefit.

Association of Residence Halls

Made up of elected representatives from each residence hall, ARH serves residents of the entire residence hall community. Representatives are elected at the end of every academic year for the following year. ARH is the governing body of the Hall Councils and provides support and guidance to individual hall councils and does its own social programming for the entire residence hall community. ARH also has a food and housing committee that works directly with the administration to improve the quality of residence hall life. In addition to weekly executive meetings, ARH has weekly General Assembly meetings where anyone from the residence halls can come to bring ideas for programs, bring up residence hall issues, or make suggestions of any kind.

Vacation Schedule

The Residence Halls are open through Fall break. Students should keep in mind that during Thanksgiving, semester, and spring breaks, the Residence Halls will be completely closed. Students wishing to stay in the area must make their own arrangements at off-campus locations.


There is no insurance carried by the University for losses resulting from theft or damage to students' personal property. Check parent or guardian's current insurance coverages and look at what those mean for insuring your items while at Bradley University.