Welcome Week Programming

As soon as students arrive on campus, we provide them with the opportunity to connect with upperclassmen from similar backgrounds, multicultural student organizations that they may get involved in, and a variety of other campus departments and organizations within the Peoria community.

"The Conversation Continues..."

"The Conversation Continues..." is a semester long programming theme to encourage more dialogue on campus concerning critical issues. 

Cultural Heritage Month Programming

In partnership with various multicultural student organizations, we plan and promote programs that both inform and celebrate the diversity of cultures represented both on campus and globally.

Tunnel Of Oppression

The Tunnel of Oppression (TOO) is brought to campus every two years with the purpose of increasing awareness about the many levels of oppression, both past and present. TOO aims to interactively educate students about affect oppression have on different populations within the world around us.

Graduation Celebration

Graduating seniors are invited to celebrate their graduation from Bradley University with our office, past alumni, and peers on campus prior to the start of final exams. 

Annual Celebration of Dr. Romeo B. Garrett Week

In honor of Dr. Garrett, our office annually celebrates the history of a great figure in the Peoria community through a myriad of programs in partnership with student organizations and university departments.