Social Work

The Bradley Social Work Program is nationally recognized as an outstanding undergraduate social work program. It is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Our graduates are licensable in Illinois and most other states, and they receive advanced standing in most graduate schools of social work. We have three faculty and about 75 majors. This allows a great deal of individual attention for each student.

Over the last ten years, all of our students have either been enrolled in graduate school or employed within four months of graduating. Our graduates work primarily in social work fields, but some have gone into the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or non-governmental organizations in the United States and in other countries. Our graduates are admitted to the best master of social work programs as well as law schools and other graduate programs. Most pursue careers in therapy and child and family services, but some pursue careers in political or community organizing.

The program is based upon a generalist social work model. It emphasizes three major themes: research based practice, a commitment to understanding and practicing in a diverse culture, and a focus on persons in their environment.