About AEP


The Academic Exploration Program provides students with experiences and knowledge that enable them to determine an appropriate academic major that aligns with their skills, interests, values and goals. Students with undecided or undeclared majors enter the university in this program until they have selected a major and met admission requirements to transfer into their chosen major.


As a premier program for undecided, undeclared or otherwise exploratory students, Bradley University's Academic Exploration Program remains one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country. The goals of the Academic Exploration Program are supported by faculty and staff across campus and are coordinated by the Director of the Academic Exploration Program.

  1. Help students identify areas of academic strength
  2. Assist students with course selection that permits them to graduate within their preferred time frame
  3. Expose students to academic options that align with their interests, skills and goals
  4. Provide students with a custom and personalized academic experience that increases likelihood of long-term success

Students who participate in the complete Academic Exploration Program will be able to:

  • articulate their academic skills and challenges and connect those with fitting majors,
  • and develop career and/or academic goals and align those with fitting academic programs.

Program Entrance & Exit Information

New students may select this program upon application to the university. Current Bradley students may transfer into the Academic Exploration Program anytime prior to their junior year (fewer than 56 credit hours).

When a student is ready to declare their major he/she must fill out a Change of Major form and obtain the necessary signatures. If the student has the minimum grade point average to declare into the major of their choice, the Change of Major form will be honored and the student’s major will be officially changed through the Registrar’s Office. Students must declare out of the Academic Exploration Program before attaining junior standing.