Mission & Outcomes

Our mission is to educate and graduate well-integrated individuals who possess the technical and social competence and confidence to succeed in professional practice and advanced education, to be life-long learners, and to exercise responsible citizenship. To accomplish this mission we have established the following objectives:

Our graduates should have:

  1. sufficient knowledge and understanding of the appropriate scientific and mathematical fundamentals upon which to develop their professional skills;
  2. skill in integrating knowledge and applying this understanding to professionally define problems and produce effective solutions;
  3. effective written, oral, and graphic communication skills;
  4. awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and social conditions, past and present, in which their professional and personal endeavors will take place;
  5. commitment to continuing professional growth and the ethical development of their chosen discipline.

Objectives of the undergraduate curricula focus on the attainment of professional competence, the achievement of intellectual maturity and personal growth, and the development of social responsibility. All the College’s programs seek to facilitate creative communication between technologists, engineers, and scientists and those educated in the liberal arts and other disciplines. The College’s courses provide the basic bodies of knowledge with which the methods and philosophies of engineering and engineering technology are developed. The education stresses professionalism both for today and for the future.